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14th May 2012
'Mumbai Stories' - interview

Featureshoot Magazine
11th Dec 2011
Urban Fictions

Urban Fictions - Fergus Heron
5th May 2010

Urban Fictions by Richard Rowland is a photographic work in the still and moving image that presents a complex social depiction of aspects of modern China. Its focus is a broad national narrative involving consumerism and rapid economic expansion together with a certain spectacle in the form of the image.
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The Regency Project - David Chandler
17th August 2007
Rowland’s photographs do not attempt a comprehensive record of the building work. He steps back from the process of structural transformation in search of what the building might reveal or suggest as it is systematically taken apart and then remade.
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Wallpaper Magazine
18th May 2009
Urban Fictions by Richard Rowland, Shanghai

Foto8 Magazine
14th October 2009
From Here: The Brighton Photo Fringe Open '09